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I bought Zemana, what is my next step?

Thank you for purchasing one of our products! All you need to do now is wait for an email from us. In this email, you will receive your license key and the download link for the purchased product. **LICENSE KEY** You should receive this email right after your order has been processed and set as finished. However, in…

I purchased Zemana AntiLogger but your instructions redirected me to download the trial product. How can I download Zemana AntiLogger Premium?

This is an ordinary process to download the trial version and upgrade it to the premium version by activating with license key. Once you purchase Zemana AntiLogger you will receive an email with your licence code and instructions steps how to activate it. In case you already have installed Zemana AntiLogger on your PC…

How do I update my AntiLogger to the latest available version?

In most cases your AntiLogger will update itself automatically. However, there may be a delay of several days before we release a new version for automatic updates. We use this timeframe for additional testing to make certain everything runs error free. If you would like to update your AntiLogger manually, please go …

I have a new PC/laptop. Can I use my existing license on the new PC/laptop?

Yes, you can! You may transfer your license key to your new device for free. You will not lose your remaining days. However, to do this, you need to contact our technical support directly at: **** or raise a ticket here. ([][1]) For a similar article about a backup licens…

Does Zemana AntiLogger stop working when my subscription or trial period expires?

Yes, all protection modules turn off and all access to the features will be disabled.

Can I use my existing license after I restore OS or reinstall the product?

Yes, you can. You may back up your license key for any case. In other to do that, contact our technical support directly at: **** or raise a ticket here. ([][1]) You can also see the following path: ![][2] ![][3] ![][4] For a similar article about license transfer, cli…

Can I only use Zemana AntiLogger as an AV?

No, you cannot. It is used as an additional layer of protection and is often able to detect threats that traditional AV solutions often miss. Zemana AntiLogger is compatible with all popular AV solutions. You can find the compatibility list [here][1]. [1]:

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