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What is the difference between Full Scan and Fast Scan?

Fast scan performs scanning of installed applications, while full scan preforms scanning of all the files in the internal storage and the SD-Card along with the installed applications.

Zemana Mobile Antivirus detects my benign (clean) application, what should I do?

You should add the application to whitelist and send us a false positive report on the application. We will fix the issue as soon as possible.

What is a PUA?

PUA stands for potentially unwanted applications. They are not necessarily malware but they harm user experience with unwanted behaviour like showing excessive ads and pop-ups.

My license key does not work. What should I do?

Please completely close your adware protection applications and try again. Please also check your network settings and activate "Mobile Update" in the Settings panel. Please note that you should enter your license key into the license field.

How can I whitelist an applicaiton?

Whitelisting in Zemana Mobile Antivirus [][1] [1]:

Do I have to check every box in the settings tab?

Recommended options for your security will be preselected.

How can I submit a refund request for Zemana Mobile Antivirus?

You can check your subscription in Google Play account page([][1]) or you can control (asking for a refund) in your mobile phone with Google Play application. [1]:

Does Zemana Mobile Antivirus work offline?

Zemana Mobile Security has its own signature database and it is able to work without an active internet connection. Internet connection is only required for updating signature database.

I received failed message during the scan. What should I do?

Please institute a scan again and share the result with us if you continue receiving the message.

How can I activate my Zemana Mobile Antivirus license?

You may activate your ZMAV by entering your email address (for registered beta users only) or your license key into the activation field on settings.

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