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How do I migrate Zemana Control Center to a new server?
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Migrating an already running instance of Control Center requires two steps:

  1. Migrating Control Center to a new server

    1. Create a backup of Zemana Control Center by following the steps,

    2. Install Zemana Control Center to a new server,

    3. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Zemana Control Center\utils" folder on the new server,

    4. Run "Restore Zemana Control Center" as Administrator,

    5. Choose the backup file you have created in the step 1,

    6. Click OK.

  2. Forwarding Endpoint Agents to New Control Center

    1. Once migration is done, you will have an exact copy of old Control Center in your new server,

    2. Make sure old instance can access the new Control Center. If not, configure Firewall settings to allow access from old instance's to new instance's address,

    3. Disable Active Directory Synchronization on the old instance,

    4. Navigate to Settings page on old instance,

    5. Set "Control Center Address" to new instance's IP or Domain name,

    6. Save settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Disabling Active Directory synchronization is required to detect endpoints which are still using the old instance. Endpoints will report to the old instance that they started using the new server which will delete them from the endpoints list on the old instance. This way, you can see endpoints waiting for migration and once all the endpoints are migrated, you can shutdown the old Control Center instance.


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