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How do I enable SSL on Zemana Control Center?
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Control Center uses HTTP as its default communication protocol but you can change this behaviour any time by adding an SSL certificate to the Control Center.

Here are the steps you should follow for activating SSL on Control Center and Endpoint Agents:

  1. Enabling SSL in IIS Manager

    1. Click "Start Menu",

    2. Type "IIS" and click "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager",

    3. Expand the directory view at the left side of IIS Manager,

    4. Right click to "Sites > ZemanaControlCenter"

    5. On the "Site Bindings" dialog, select second entry "HTTPS" and click "Edit",

    6. On the "Edit Site Bindings" dialog choose an SSL Certificate,

    7. Click OK to save changes.

  2. Enabling SSL in Control Center

    1. Once SSL is enabled in IIS Manager, navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings,

    2. Enable "Use SSL" feature,

    3. Click "Save" to apply settings.

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